Number of Walmart Stores in USA - 2021 Store Location Analysis (2024)

There are 4,674 Walmart stores in the US. Walmart is a giant in the brick and mortar store arena with an increasing presence in the online world that is largely dominated by Amazon.

We gathered store location data from to gain insight on stores, store types and services provided by Walmart across the United States.

Insights in Brief

  • There are a total of 4,674 Walmart stores in the US
  • Texas (516) is the state with the highest number of stores
  • The city with the most stores is San Antonio (29)

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Walmart US Locations

Walmart locations are ubiquitous across all 50 states.

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Number of Walmart Stores in the US by State

Texas has the most number of Walmart stores in the US with 517 stores. Followed by Florida (341) and California (281).

The chart below shows the top 20 states with the highest number of stores.

Number of Walmart Stores in the US by City

Walmart stores are located in 2,550 cities. Out of the top 20 cities that have the highest number of Walmart stores, 5 of them are from Texas. San Antonio (29) is the city with the highest number of Walmart stores. Followed by Houston (26), Orlando (25), and Jacksonville (24).

The chart below shows the top 20 cities with the highest number of stores.

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Walmart Store Types

Walmart has 6 different types of stores spread across the country.

  1. Walmart Discount Stores
  2. Walmart Supercenter
  3. Walmart Neighborhood Market
  4. Walmart Pharmacy
  5. Walmart Convenience
  6. Walmart Pickup

The backbone of the Walmart empire is the Walmart Supercenter, with a total of 3,573 of them. Walmart Supercenter’s rely on regular traffic from consumers to carry over to its other retail departments. Supercenters are present in every state except for Hawaii.

Walmart Supercenters are 76.4% of total Walmart store locations. While 14.7% of Walmart locations are branded as Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

The bar chart below shows the number of stores under each store type:

Walmart is looking for new ways to help customers cut down on time and money. The service Walmart Pickup enables you to order items online and pick those items up at any Walmart store, completely free. Walmart even delivers groceries at your doorstep, using 2.5K store locations to fulfill orders.

85% of Walmart stores are open all day long from Monday to Friday.

Since the launch of AmazonFresh pickup service and Whole Foods expanding nationwide, Amazon can dominate online grocery soon enough. But Walmart is focusing more on its e-commerce business and adding more Pickup services. IfWalmart expands its grocery pickup service it can be serious competition with other major retailers such as Target and Kroger.

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Services provided at Walmart Stores

Walmart provides numerous services for customers, including retail goods, pharmacy, financial, grocery pickup. and photo lab services.

The chart below shows the top services based on the number of stores:

Walmart has a pharmacy available at every Walmart location. Walmart also has 33 clinics of which 9 are Walmart Care Clinics along with 42 in-store veterinary clinics. Walmart clinics are cheap and typically charge 40-60% less for client examinations, vaccines, treatments, and illness. Walmart recently stated they will expand to about 100 veterinary clinics.

Walmart also has partnerships with other chains such as McDonald’s, Auntie Anne’s, Dunkin Brands, FedEx, Regal Nails, and more. These chains have a few of their stores inside a Walmart.

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Walmart Invests in Automated Technology

Walmart has been expanding its use of high-tech systems that quickly pick up and pack online grocery orders as it anticipates shoppers’ demand for pickup and delivery will outlast the pandemic. Many Walmart locations will become fulfillment centers, with a portion of stores turned into small warehouses. As Walmart automated more stores, it will try different configurations and work with several technology providers, including Alert Innovation and Dematic. This investment could be a reason Walmart is fending off rivals such as Amazon and Kroger. In addition, Walmart is also expanding its private-labelsto take on its competitors. Walmart continues to entice customers by expanding their product range. To know more about the products offered by Walmart, check out how you can scrape Walmart product data.

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Number of Walmart Stores in USA - 2021 Store Location Analysis (2024)
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