Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (2024)

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16000 NE 50th St. Cheney, KS 67025

Only 16 miles west of Wichita, Cheney State Park covers roughly1,913 acres. The Lake at Cheney is known for its dependable winds and draws sail-boaters and windsurfers from around the country. The Ninnescah Sailing Center on the West Shore Area is a mecca for those seeking water sports with a healthy dose of wind.

In addition to a marina on the East Shore, the park’s 22 boat-launching lanes provide convenient access to the 9,600-acre lake.Giefer Creek and Spring Creek nature trails offer scenic hiking around the lake. A handicapped-accessible fishing area is available at the Toadstool Loop Jetty.

Cheney is the windiest lake in the lower 48 states, with an average wind speed of 13.9 mph, and is listed as one of the top ten lakes in the nation for sailing and windsurfing.

Great For:

  • Water Sports
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife & Bird Watching
  • Parasailing
  • Camping
  • Hiking

Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (2)

  • Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (3)*click to enlarge
    16000 NE 50th St. Cheney, KS 67025

    • Geifer Creek Nature Trail
      • Length- .33 miles
      • Terrain - Forest
      • Difficulty level – Easy
      • Usage – Hiking and Mountain biking
    • Spring Creek Wildlife Observation Trail
      • Length- .25 miles
      • Terrain – Elevated walkway
      • Difficulty level – Easy
      • Usage – Hiking and Mountain Biking
      • Enjoy a walk on the trail to observe wildlife and nature. Part of the trail is elevated over a wetland and running stream
    • West Side Trail
      • Length – 5 miles
      • Terrain – Forest to prairie
      • Difficulty level – Moderate
      • Usage – Hiking, Running, Mountain biking
      • The Longest trail that is available in the park. Starts at the park office and goes all the way up the west side of the park to the boundary at South Yoder Road.
  • Modern Cabins
    Primitive Cabins
    Primitive Campsites
    Electric and Water Hookups
    Full Hookups
    Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (4)

      Exploring one of the 28 Kansas State Parks provides visitors an opportunity to see the natural beauty of this amazing state. The state parks system includes a rail trail, historic structures and events.

      • Turkey

      • Deer

      • Roadrunner

      • Scissor-tailed flycatcher

      • Bald eagles

      • Pelicans

      • Gulls

      • Armadillos

      • Walleye
      • Wipers
      • White bass
      • White perch
      • Channel catfish
      • Blue catfish
    • Facilities

      • ADA fishing dock
      • ADA fishing jetty
      • ADA fuel dock.
    • Wichita-Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum

      In the heart of downtown Wichita, the Museum is located in the original 1890 City Hall with its 170-foot tall clock tower. This exceptional…

      Sedgwick County Zoo

      o Come face to face with the wildest animals from around the world. Get to know the gorillas and elephants of Africa. Visit bison and bears…

      Kansas Aviation Museum

      Housed in the original Wichita Municipal Airport Terminal Building, the Kansas Aviation Museum showcases the rich heritage of aviation that…

      Lake Afton Public Observatory

      Discover the universe through a 16-inch telescope and numerous hands-on astronomy exhibits. For changing programs and hours call…

      Botanica Wichita

      Since opening in 1987 with four gardens and a horticultural library, Botanica Wichita has added more than 30 additional themed gardens and…

      Cheney Farmers Market

      We are located on Main Street in Cheney. Our vendors offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, jams and jellies, eggs, homemade bakery…

      Wichita Art Museum

      Located west of downtown Wichita in the Museums on the River District, the Wichita Art Museum connects people, ideas and art to enrich lives…

    • Cheney State Park FAQs

      Do I need a permit to visit Cheney State Park?

      You’ll need to purchase aVehicle Permit for daily visits or have a valid State Park Passport.

      A Camping permit is required for overnight stays. 14-Day, Seasonal, and Annual Camping Passes are also available online as well as at the State Park Offices.

      Cheney Park Office - (316) 542-3664

      Park Permits

      Where can I buy the permits needed to get into Cheney State Park?

      Vehicle permits, camping, and utility permits are required year-round and are available online,from the office, or self-pay station.

      CheneyPark Office - (316) 542-3664

      Purchase Permits

      Do you have to pay to get into Cheney State Park?

      Yes, Cheney State Park requires a permit for park usage and overnight stays. For more information on State Park fees, please click here.

      Cheney Park Office - (316) 542-3664

      Park Fees

      Are dogs allowed at Cheney State Park?

      Yes, all pets must always be restrained by a camper, cage, hand-held leash, or tethered chain no longer than 10 feet. They are not allowed on swimming beaches or swimming areas that are delineated by buoys or other markers or in public buildings or structures. Dogs participating in authorized activities or assisting the visually or hearing impaired are not subject to these restrictions.

      Park Rules

      Can I fish at Cheney State Park?

      Yes, fishing is permitted at Cheney State Park.Questions pertaining to fishing should be directed to the Cheney Park Office - (316) 542-3664.

      Fishing License

      Can I hunt at Cheney State Park?

      Questions pertaining to hunting and the wildlife area should be directed tothe Cheney Park Office - (316) 542-3664

      Hunting License

      Can I fly a drone at Cheney State Park?

      Drone flying is only permitted in some designated areas at some State Parks. Please contact theCheney Park Office at (316) 542-3664 for more information on whether or not drone flying is permissible.

      More About Drones

    • Cheney State Park Photos


      About Kansas State Parks

      Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (14)

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      Cedar Bluff

      A few minutes south of the hustle and hassle of I-70 in western Kansas, life goes relaxingly slow at Cedar Bluff State Park.


      Clinton State Park is a 1,400 acre island of unspoiled nature amid the suburban sprawl of northeast Kansas.


      Within Eisenhower State Park sits 1,000 acres of some of the last wild prairie in eastern Kansas.

      Sand Hills

      Rather than water, it’s the work of the wind that draws people to Sand Hills State Park.

      Elk City

      Elk City State Park sits in a gorgeous valley with natural greatness on both sides.


      Hillsdale State Park is only minutes away from the 2 million-plus people of the greater Kansas City area. It’s a place where…

      Prairie Dog

      On the high plains of northwest Kansas, Prairie Dog State Park is a rare and welcome place to play in the water and shade.


      “Oasis” may be the best way to describe this 400-acre paradise shaded by tall cottonwoods, with an 80-acre lake of cool…


      Carson and Custer once explored the jagged prairies in what’s now Kanopolis State Park on horseback.

      Kaw River

      On the Kansas River kayaks and canoes often float in solitude as they pass towering cottonwoods, nesting bald eagles, kingfishers, otters…

      Little Jerusalem Badlands

      Welcome to the "Badlands of Kansas" - Little Jerusalem State Park in Western Kansas is truly a sight to see!

      Flint Hills Trail State Park

      It’s the kind of place where you can travel many miles in near silence as your hiking boots or bike tires move over a surface velvety…

      El Dorado

      El Dorado State Park’s 4,000 acres makes it Kansas’ largest. Yet you can be as secluded or social as you like amid landscapes…

      Cross Timbers

      Southeast Kansas’ Cross Timbers region is a narrow, rugged, 50-mile finger of steeply timbered hillsides that rise to towering…

      Prairie Spirit Trail

      A century ago Kansans took the train from town to town, watching the countryside lazily pass as they road the rails.

      Lehigh Portland State Park

      Visit the newest State Park in Kansas - Lehigh Portland Trails, a vast network of hiking and biking trails around Elk's Lake in Iola.


      Terms like “world-class” and “one of the nation’s best” are usually unwarranted. Both are accurate for Wilson…

      Historic Lake Scott

      Just north of Scott City lays a stunning canyon nestled among the prairie and natural springs.

      Tuttle Creek

      Tuttle Creek State Park is a story of two special places. One sits where both land and lake are expansive, with a campground on classic…


      For decades visitors have come to Pomona State Park by automobile. Now, they’re also coming by horseback and bicycle.


      Where the Ozarks spill into Kansas, in the Great Depression the government gave jobs to hundreds of destitute men with the Civilian…


      Perry State Park sits well within Kansas, but with long ridges of hickory and assorted oaks it wouldn’t look out of place in the…

      Mushroom Rock

      Just south of Salina stands one of Kansas' many natural wonders - Mushroom Rocks.

      Fall River

      Life’s easy at Fall River State Park, where crowds are few but recreational possibilities are many.


      Kansas’ largest, Milford Reservoir has enough shoreline to reach from Kansas City to Salina. The waters within that 161 miles of land…


      It’s been called the “Serengeti of the Sky”, when hundreds of thousands of northward migrating snow geese arrive at…

      Glen Elder

      Long before civilization, native people came to be healed within the sacred waters of Waconda Springs. The springs are now deep within Glen…















      Must See Locations in Kansas | Cheney State Park (2024)
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