Dollar Tree: 7 Best New Seasonal Items for Your Money in May (2024)

Dollar Tree: 7 Best New Seasonal Items for Your Money in May (1)

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If you’ve ever shopped at Dollar Tree, you already know that the store adds new things to its shelves on a regular basis. This May is no exception.

Right now, there are many new arrivals and top-tier items available at Dollar Trees nationwide. The bulk of these are geared toward the upcoming summer season, but you can also still find some great end-of-spring deals.

GOBankingRates scoured the Dollar Tree website, especially its New Arrivals section, and spoke with a couple of superfans about the best new seasonal arrivals this May. Here’s what we’ve found.

Garden Collection Solar Hook Lantern

  • Price: $1.25

The Garden Collection Solar Hook Lantern is a new item that looks great in the garden or walkway. It’s 16.5 inches tall and has a simple but elegant lantern that contains a fairy light to illuminate your immediate outdoor space. Grab a few of these and you’ve got yourself a lovely path leading to wherever you’d like.

Although it’s new, it already has seven customer reviews and a 5-star rating online. According to other customers, it’s easy to set up and does exactly as advertised.

Pastel Coupon-Size Expanding File Organizers

  • Price: $1.25

“The latest Dollar Tree arrivals include tons of organizers and space savers, which is great for anyone behind on their spring cleaning or just need to spruce up their stuff,” said Lauren Keys, an avid Dollar Tree shopper and creator of Trip Of A Lifestyle.

One such option is the Pastel Coupon-Size Expanding File Organizers. Great for those looking to do some spring cleaning and reorganization, these organizers come in four bright colors — pink, blue, green and purple. They’re simple, affordable and convenient for holding important papers.

Ombre Tumbler With Straw

  • Price: $1.25

There’s no better time of the year to pick up a new tumbler, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type or are always on the move.

This Ombre Tumbler with Straw comes with three bright color gradients, including pink to light blue and light blue to green. Recent customers rated this tumbler highly for its beautiful colors.

It also has a 21-ounce capacity, so it’ll hold enough liquid to keep you hydrated during an afternoon out — or a commute to work.

Greeting Cards

  • Price: $1.25

These might not be seasonal just yet, but summer is the time to get ahead! Dollar Tree has a decent selection of greeting cards, including those for specific holidays and occasions, that it switches out as the need arises. So, the next time you’re at your local store, check out what’s on offer — you might be surprised.

“My husband and I have become recent superfans of the Dollar Tree,” said Shelby Brown, the founder of Baby Let’s Roll. “Recently, our biggest find there would be the cards you can buy for special occasions. I have always gone to Target to get our cards but they are getting so expensive. This past week for Mother’s Day, my husband went to get Mother’s Day cards and noted that they are more than half the price of that at any other place.”

Considering that greeting cards can easily cost $2 to $6 at other stores, you’re getting a steal from Dollar Tree.

Crayola Colorful Sidewalk Chalk

  • Price: $1.25

“With the school year coming to an end, you’ll also find a lot of crafts and summer playtime staples, like sidewalk chalk, pool floats, popsicle molds, and more,” Keys said.

For example, this 18-piece set of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk costs $1.25 and comes in a variety of bright colors. It’s a great — and inexpensive — gift for the kids who like to play with chalk outside.

Resin Garden Gnome Decor

  • Price: $1.25

Another new arrival this May is this Resin Garden Gnome Decor. It’s cute, small, lightweight and affordable. Plus, it’s colorful and will make your small garden or outdoor space pop.

Dial Himalayan Salt Hydrating Hand Soap

  • Price: $1.25

A container of hand soap can easily cost $2 to $5 at other stores, but Dollar Tree’s got you covered with a selection of $1.25 Dial Himalayan Salt Hydrating Hand Soaps.

This item has arrived just in time for summer and all of those days playing or working in the yard outside. Not only can it clean your hands and kill unwanted germs, but it can also hydrate your skin at the same time. Plus, it’s free of harmful ingredients like parabens, silicones and phthalates.

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Dollar Tree: 7 Best New Seasonal Items for Your Money in May (2024)
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